More and more today people are looking to mediate a solution when confronted with a dispute simply because it is so much less costly than proceeding to court. The process can also be a lot quicker than a court proceeding. Often the courts will mandate that parties to a dispute seek mediation before a court case can continue.

The likelihood for conflict is a reality. Conflict can interrupt neighbourly relationships, take out good workers, hamstring leaders and have an impact on the bottom line. While not every dispute may have a happy ending, ignoring any one of them can have negative consequences. I am a Nationally Accredited Mediator and my skills empower parties to talk things through, understand each other and come to a negotiated agreement that leads to positive outcomes.



Why I’m a good mediator…

I am a Nationally Accredited Mediator. NMAS. After over three decades of Church leadership at national, state and local level, I have a wealth of experience in helping people resolve conflict. Quite a significant percentage of my leadership activity over these years has been in the conflict resolution arena. I have worked with families, groups, teams, business people and leaders from many different backgrounds and cultures. This experience has helped me to understand people, how they think and feel and how to best assist them to move forward in resolving conflict. My manner and style with people will put them at ease and empower them to make great decisions. I will do my best to assist in whatever ways you need mediation services. 

Mediation is costly. Morale drops, theft goes up, accidents increase, production drops and in some scenarios people may make a claim for Psychological injury. Mediation can help in many situations to resolve disputes.